In this article, we'll cover work schedule basics including:

If you need to create and assign lots of work schedules for many employees, check out Bulk create and assign work schedules.

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What is a work schedule and what does it do?

A work schedule records an employee’s regular pattern of work or spread of ordinary hours across a week or fortnight, including:

  • Start time, end time and total ordinary hours usually worked each day,

  • Start time and duration of any paid and unpaid breaks.

Once set, Ento uses the employee’s work schedule to suggest how many leave hours are needed on any given day and what time leave hours should begin.

To illustrate, the employee below starts early on Thursdays. When a leave request is created for a Thursday, Ento will suggest leave hours begin at 8am (and match the total hours for the day as well).

Does every employee need a work schedule?

For full or part time who have never had a custom work schedule created for them, the default work schedule will automatically split their ‘Weekly ordinary hours’ evenly across Monday to Friday, starting at 9am.

Casuals typically have zero ‘ordinary hours’ and there is no need to set a work schedule in Ento.

Create and update work schedules via Core HR for a single employee

  1. Go to Core HR > People > Employees

  2. Open the filters at the top right hand side, enter your search terms and click Filter

  3. For the relevant record, click Edit

  4. On the left, go to the Employment details tab

  5. On the Work Schedule tile, click the pencil icon. 👇

  6. Enter the desired spread of hours and click Done.

    Ento tip: If you try to enter a spread of hours in a week that doesn’t add up to the total weekly ordinary hours, you’ll be prompted to adjust it. If the total is wrong, update it in the Weekly ordinary hours field first, then enter the new work schedule.

  7. Scroll down and select whether you want to apply the change from the current pay cycle, forwards or the next pay cycle forwards.

  8. At the top right, click Save.

And that's it! You've updated the work schedule. 🙌

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